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Why Franchising?

A franchise will enable you to compete with big businesses more so than an independent small business, due to the pool of support from Big Johns Head Office and the wider network of other franchisees. Become a part of one of the fastest growing, most talked about brands on the market.

The Big Johns Brand

Big John’s over the last 30 years has become a multi-award winning brand in UK’s fast food industry. Creating a name for itself in the late 90s as the home of the 99p deals. Big John’s has now grown to over 17 locations spread throughout the Midlands and has become the neighbourhood takeaway of choice. In 2002 Big John’s redefined the fast food industry by opening UK’s first ever drive thru fish & chip shop.

Unlike other fast food chains, Big John’s is the home of variety, with a unique offering to customers, allowing choice from Burgers, Wraps, Pizza’s, Kebab’s, Southern Fried Chicken, Peri Peri Chicken, Fish & Chips, and many more products.

Everything is prepared fresh using the highest quality of halal ingredients and cooked to perfection, creating a distinctive and indulgent taste experience for an affordable price. The very simple mantra in all Big John’s is ‘Cook Less, Cook Often’ thus guaranteeing fresh food at all times.


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The dining trends since the 90s have evolved from the once a week fish and chips to everyday eating out with a variety of different cuisines available. QSR (quick service restaurant) chains have now become an everyday visit from a cup of coffee to late night curry takeaways. At Big Johns by having such a vast menu choice we can accommodate every taste, from traditional fish and chips, freshly baked pizzas or healthier options of peri peri grilled chicken, Big Johns has it all.

So what does the future hold for Big John’s? The answer is franchising.

Big Johns has always had a greater vision, that is to elevate its ranks from a regional brand to a national brand. The goal of becoming national will be achieved from franchising. The offering of franchising will allow young aspiring entrepreneurs or seasoned business professionals to become part of the Big John’s Group, and take on a highly successful brand working very closely with experts in the Fast Food industry.


Big John’s will provide a deep reservoir of business knowledge and experience to guide any franchisee through the process of owning and operating a franchise. From bespoke technical data, analytics and reporting, Big John’s provides integral back office data to help achieve targets and margins. This data is essential to running a successful business and gives you an edge over the competition. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be set from day one to make sure you are in full control of the franchise.

Possibly the hardest goal to achieve with any new business is brand recognition and a loyal customer base. The biggest benefit with a Big John’s franchise is the recognition you will receive when opening a franchise, if you were to start a business from scratch you would have to build your brand and a customer base from the ground up which takes time and can be very challenging. With Big John’s from day one, you would have an already established customer base and recognition so customers would automatically know what the business is, what you provide and what to expect.

When a franchisee takes on a Big John’s franchise, you are joining a successful brand as well as an established network that will offer the support, advice and expertise, making it less likely to fail. Big John’s has proven their business concept so a franchisee can have the reassurance that wherever there is a Big John’s there will be a demand.

Big John’s has and the vast network it has acquired over 30 years, means we maintain the cost of goods so the franchisee will never have to worry about the overall operational costs on a day to day basis, simply put, lower operating costs leads to higher profit margins.

At Big Johns, you will not only have your day-to-day in store customers, you will also have access to our bespoke website mybigjohns.com for delivery and collection orders. Furthermore, we recently launched our Big Johns App in January 2022 which has attracted over 25,000 new users who can order at their fingertips from their nearest store. Furthermore, we also have relationships with the platform aggregators such as Uber Eats, Just Eats and Deliveroo. The relationships we have with the aggregators means we have unique commission rates as a group so you will benefit with lower commission rates, admin fees and access to marketing contributions from the aggregators.

At Big Johns we have an established relationship with a banking partner to help fund the franchise, if needed.

Big Johns will directly be responsible for distributing to all franchisees such as raw ingredients and packaging. A simple ordering process will allow us to delivery every week with everything you will need, therefore, you will never run out of stock.

With Big John’s you have a unique franchise offering which includes utilities maintenance, equipment repair, epos support or internet support being a franchisee with Big Johns you will have access our unique support for your store, so you will never have to worry about anything going down, Big Johns has a special team onboard to help with any problem large or small.


If you are interested in joining Big John’s and are looking to take on a franchise whether a single site or regional franchise, please fill in the form below and our head of franchising will be in contact. We welcome all enquires and most importantly look forward to working with you and sharing our brand vision and collectively reaching our goal as one UK’s largest fast food chains