Big John's Birmingham Mela was held on Sunday 16th August 2015 at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham. This event was a huge success for all concerned and was organised in partnership with Birmingham City Council. This years mela would not have been possible without all the help and support from our partners, Vantage Motor Group, Saka Water, Pepsi, KTC, Brunei Halal, AHDB & Arabian Nites. Our official Charity was Anzal Begum Foundation. More details can be found at:





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Big John's were extremely proud to be involved in the 15th Birmingham Mela and were focused on giving back to the Birmingham whar Birmingham had given to us. Big Johns was born and bred in Birmingham. Our brand started here and we are proud to part of the fabric of this great City. Our humble beginnings started in a little corner shop in Erdington and today this city has allowed us to grow and flourish and create a Brand. We are thankful to the people that helped and supported us along the way and most importantly our Customers who visit us on a daily basis.

Birmingham is a proud city. Proud of it dynamics, proud of its heritage and culture and proud of it multicultural, multi linguistically residents. We live and work together and Big Johns is proud to serve the local communities though its neighbourhood takeaways. 

Community spirit and cohesion is important. Its events such as the Big Johns Birmingham Mela that encourage that. The importance of family and friendship regardless of colour caste religion or creed. We are one and above all  religions is humanity. Being good to one another, accepting each and tolerating each other’s indifferences. Thats what makes Birmingham special and that's what Big John's is all about.